Which Screw for which Dowel


In order for a plug to develop its full holding force, it is very important to use the correct screw length and also the correct screw diameter. Only if everything fits, you get a firm screw connection.


The picture shows an example of how a plate is fixed to a wall with a dowel. It is very important that the screw length is chosen so that it pierces the tip of the plug when screwed in. This is the only way that the anchor can be braced longitudinally and fulfil its function.


Which Screw for which Dowel
Which Screw for which Dowel


As a rule of thumb you can remember that the screw must always penetrate the tip of the anchor after screwing in. The screw should always protrude approx. 5 - 10mm beyond the plug. The drill hole must therefore be slightly longer than the dowel itself.


The picture on the left shows a 6 mm dowel with a 5x50 screw.


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Dowel Drill Hole Screw Chart





Drill Hole




 4er 4 mm 4 mm 2 - 3 mm
5er 5 mm 5 mm 3 - 4 mm
6er 6 mm 6 mm 4 - 5 mm
8er 8 mm 8 mm 4,5 - 6 mm
10er 10 mm 10 mm 6 - 8 mm 
12er 12 mm 12 mm 8 - 10 mm

You can buy the matching dowel here.

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