Metric Wrench Sizes Grub Screws


The wrench size for metric set screws (grub screws) can be found as dimension (s) in technical drawings and is given in mm (millimetres).


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Metric Wrench Sizes Grub Screws Chart


Wrench Sizes

Tread Sizes


Hexagon Socket


Innernal Serration (TX)

M2,5 1,3 mm  
M3 1,5 mm T6
M4 2,0 mm T8
M5 2,5 mm T10
M6 3 mm T15
M8 4 mm T25
M10 5 mm T30
M12 6 mm T40
M14 8 mm T50
M20 10 mm T55
M24 12 mm T60

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