Drill correctly


Before you reach for a drilling machine to drill, you have to know which material to drill into and which drill is best suited for it. It is also very important to observe certain basic rules and safety precautions. We would like to help you here in a few steps, so that you get a good drilling result.



First you have to know the material you want to drill into. No matter if you want to drill into a wall, into the ceiling or into the floor. The five most used materials in which we drill a hole,

For each material there is a special drill which is best suited.


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The right drill

There is the right drill for every material. We would like to introduce you to the three most dead drills and explain their properties and characteristics in more detail.


Stone drill, concrete drill, wood drill, metal drill
Stone drill, concrete drill, wood drill, metal drill



The picture on the left shows all three drill types:


Left:           Stone drill / Concrete drill


Middle:       Wood drill


Right:          Metal drill


Follow the link above for more detailed information on each drill.

Basic rules and safety precautions

If you want to drill a hole in a wall, you have to make sure that there is no power line, water line or other thing in the wall that you don't want to damage. There are also locating devices that you can use. If you are sure that you can drill a hole here, you should clearly mark the spot.


Before you start, you should wear safety glasses and hearing protection for your own safety. If you have long hair, it is best to tie a braid or put it in your outerwear. It must be ensured that the hair does not get caught in the drill chuck. The next step is to ensure that you stand securely, whether on the floor or on the ladder. This is the only way to guide the drill smoothly and safely.


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