Drill Tiles


If you want to drill a hole in a tile, you have to drill very carefully. It can quickly happen that the tile gets a crack or a piece of the glaze flakes off. But don't worry, if you take a few things into account, you can also make a hole in a tile.


TIP! Before you start drilling, you should check whether there is a water or power line behind the borehole. This can best be done quickly with a locating device. You can buy a locating device here.



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Drill Tiles Instruction

Drill Tiles Instruction
Drill Tiles Instruction

First you have to mark the place where you want to drill the hole in the tile. This can be done with a piece of tape or paint crepe. The tape prevents the drill from slipping off and you can mark the exact position of the hole on it.


Drill at low speed and without impact drilling. You should also exert little pressure on the tile. This will prevent you from accidentally slipping with the drill and scratching the tile. Once you have gone through the tile with the drill, you can switch on percussion drilling and drill the hole to the desired depth..


If you want to make the whole thing a little easier, you can buy a tile drill here. It is a bit more pointed and pierces a tile a bit easier. But beware, as soon as the tile is drilled through, you should use a masonry drill to finish drilling the hole. A tile drill would quickly become blunt.


Tile dowelling correctly

 Finally, vacuum the drill hole with a vacuum cleaner. Then insert the plug into the drill hole, the drill hole should be approx. 10mm longer than the plug. The plug can also be knocked in carefully with the back of a screwdriver. And you are ready and can fix the desired object with a suitable screw.


Everything to the topic Which screw for which anchor you can find here.

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