Measuring Wood Screw


Who wants to measure a wood screw has to know that with wood screws first the thickness or the screw diameter and afterwards the length of the screw is indicated.


Example:     5 x 50 (wood screw)

                    The diameter is 5mm and the length 50mm.


In order to measure a wood screw precisely, a caliper gauge is best suited. We would like to explain to you in two simple steps how to measure a wood screw correctly.


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1. Step - Measuring the Diameter of Wood Screw

Measuring the Diameter of Wood Screws, Measuring Wood Srews, Measuring Screws correctly
Measuring the Diameter of Wood Screws


In order to measure the diameter of a wood screw correctly, one must note that one measures on the thread and does not accidentally place the caliper between the thread of the wood screw. If you insert the screw crosswise into the calliper, the probability of a measuring error is very high, because the jaws of the calliper can slip between the threads. The screw must therefore be inserted lengthwise to the legs of the caliper. The diameter of a screw is always measured on the thread.


2. Step - Measuring the Length of Wood Screw

Measuring the Length of Wood Screws
Measuring the Length of Wood Screws

In order to correctly measure the length of a wood screw, it is necessary to know that the part of the screw that can be screwed into the material is indicated as the screw length. For wood screws with a lens head, for example, only the thread length is measured, i.e. from the underside of the screw head to the tip of the screw. This can best be measured with the depth gauge of the caliper gauge. Only the part that penetrates into the material is measured!


But beware! Wood screws with countersunk head are an exception here, here the head of the screw is also measured, since this disappears completely in the material when screwing in. With countersunk screws you can clamp the entire screw between the two jaws and measure the screw length, see picture on the left.  


Measuring a wood screw correctly is not difficult with a caliper gauge and now you know how to do it!


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