Which Dowel


Which dowel you need depends on the substrate in which you want to fix the dowel. Only those who use the right dowel will get a strong and stable screw connection at the end. The following types of dowels are mostly used.


- Standard dowels


- Cavity dowels


- Special dowels



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Standard Dowels

Standard dowels, expansion dowel, expanding dowels
Standard dowels


The standard dowel or general-purpose dowel is used for most household assembly work. This type of dowel is used for the classic hole in the wall for fixing or hanging something..

The picture on the left shows a comparison of a 4, 5, 6 and 8 anchor next to each other.




Cavity Dowel / Expansion Dowel

Cavity dowel or Expansion dowel
Cavity dowel or Expansion dowel


The cavity anchor is used for lightweight walls with gypsum plasterboards. Due to their special properties, they make it possible to produce a fixed screw connection. A normal standard dowel would be the wrong choice here and would certainly not hold.




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Special dowels


The subject of special dowels is a very wide area. There is something to fasten for almost all conceivable problems, a special solution. No matter if you have to fix something very heavy or you have for example an insulated house facade. For almost every problem there is a solution, sometimes even from several manufacturers.




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