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How heavy is one m3 of wood? How heavy is dry wood? Wood weight table beech wood weight spruce wood weight oak wood weight
Wood weight in kg/m³


The weight of wood is often given in kg/m³. With this unit of measurement, it is quick and easy to calculate the weight of a tuned quantity of wood. It should be noted, however, that the weight of wood is very much dependent on the degree of dryness. The drier the wood, the lighter it becomes. The difference in weight between dry wood and freshly cut wood is very large here.

  Here is an example of beech wood:    
    Degree of dryness - "Air dry
Residual moisture approx. 12 - 20 %
Degree of dryness - "freshly cut
Residual moisture approx. 50 - 60 %
  beech wood 680 kg/m³ 910 kg/m³


In this example, you can clearly see the difference in weight between dry and freshly cut wood. Please note that wood is a naturally grown raw material and weights here are approximate values.


In the table "Wood weight" below, you will find many types of wood in the overview and the weight.


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Wood weight table

In the following table you will find the weight for the most known types of wood, with a water content of approx. 12 to 20% residual moisture. This is referred to as air-dried wood. The mentioned residual moisture is reached after approx. 2 years of storage in the open air. In order to calculate the weight of the wood, you need to know the exact amount of wood. For this purpose, the conversion below helps.


          Type of wood Degree of dryness - "Air dry
Residual moisture approx. 12 - 20 %


weight in kg/m³

Degree of dryness - "freshly cut
Residual moisture approx. 50 - 60 %


weight in kg/m³



130 260  
  Poplar 370 560  
  Spruce 420 680  
  Fir 460 750  
  Pine 490 860  
  Alder 530 710  
  Larch 550 850  
  Douglas fir 580 800  
  Maple 590 790  
  Cherry 600 810  
  Birch 630 830  
  Walnut 650 840  
  Ash 650 860  
  Beech 680 910  
  Oak 710 970  


* All data without guarantee.

cubic meter / bulk cubic meter / solid cubic meter - conversion

In order to correctly calculate the weight of a quantity of wood, you need to convert to solid cubic meters. For this purpose, there is a rough conversion key, which facilitates the conversion. If you have determined the solid cubic meter quantity of wood, you can use the upper wood weight table to calculate the weight relatively accurately.



cubic meter (also called ster)

One cubic meter is a cube of sized wood, with an edge length of 1m x 1m x 1m.


Bulk cubic meter

In the trade of wood is often used the unit of measurement bulk cubic meter. This is one cubic meter of logs, loosely piled up. Here is much more air between the logs, which makes the conversion below clear.


Solid cubic meter

One solid cubic meter means one block of solid wood with an edge length of 1m x 1m x1m.






1 cubic meter = 0.7 solid cubic meter = 1.4 bulk cubic meter


1 solid cubic meter = 1.4 cubic meters = 2.3 bulk cubic meters


1 bulk cubic meter = 0.7 cubic meter = 0.4 solid cubic meter



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